Future looks bright for Intralot

One of the most influential providers of online casino games and online sports betting, Intralot, has just revealed its 2018 financial results. Company’s chief executive Antonios Kerastaris has told the casino and gambling news reporters that first quarter of 2018 showed stronger sales, rooted in successful upgrade of their digital lottery sector. Being so firmly grounded in the US lottery sphere, he believes that the company has all the chances of smooth expanse to ever increasing race and sports betting market. Trying to highlight these opportunities, he also promised to seize the annual GGR of up to 20 million Euro, in addition to new lottery projects in the State of Illinois.
Some concrete numbers were also disclosed. Thus, Q1 revenues were ay 327,8 million US dollars, constituting an 4,3 percent increase over the same quarter results last year. Sports betting was the main reason behind increase in gross revenue. According to Gambers Pos, its percentage was at 58.9 percent. Lotteries came second with 29.7% and technology contract were at 6.2%. Video lotteries and betting on horse racing were the last factors, ending up at 2.8% and 2.4% respectively. Adjusted EBITDA ratings rose by 7.5% and net income found itself at 1.6% increase.
Intralot was very busy expanding into new territories and market in this quarter, Gambers Post says. Reaching extension deal with the Illinois authorities allowed the company to introduce its technology to nearly 8000 locations all across this state. Same sort of infrastructure development is planned in Wyoming, where, after a short period of bureaucratic hassle, a similar deal was agreed in this February. Intralot plans on exploiting all possible Internet gambling opportunities in these states and beyond, hoping to become a very recognizable and trustworthy brand. Recognizing that brick and mortar casinos no longer suitable to modern mobile and hyper-active youth generation, top management of this company is employing variety of research and development tools to modernize itself and its business practices.