“Fortnite” developers pledge 100 million dollars to a professional season

The days when poker or similar classic card games were the only ones to have professional tournaments with real cash prizes are long gone. Today, various competitive computer games have their own tournaments, with people from a lot of countries participating. Epic Games, developers of one of the most popular “Battle Royale” genre games on the modern market, have pledged 100 million US dollars to the prize pool of their game’s first professional season. Unlike its direct competitor “Playerunknowns’ Battlegrounds”, “Fortnite” did not yet won any global gaming awards or broke sales records but has amassed a big fan following among under-25 gamers. It practically occupied popular streaming service Twitch this May, with 77% of streams being about this game.
With such background, it is no wonder that developer decided to capitalize on this moment and found a way to fund a prize pool no other game has. Even Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 tournaments, sponsored by many tech companies, have lesser bonus play now prizes. Since so many people now treat this game as a genuine sports event, how much time we have left until best sports betting sites start to accept bets on outcomes of such tournaments? Gambers Post thinks not too much time since there is no need to pay people to attend these events as viewers, like some poker organizers are forced to do. And some underground online gambling for real money is probably already happening.
One possible barrier to a complete merge of e-sports with gambling industry is the presence of underage players on these tournaments. While sometimes they get parents permission to participate, like one of most famous 13-year-old gamers Kyle Jackson did, such practice could adversely affect responsibility in gaming points of any respectable wagering establishment. Gambers Post recommends keeping a cool head and approach this booming type of daily fantasy sports with caution. Europe gambling news won’t pity you if you don’t.