Future looks bright for Intralot

One of the most influential providers of online casino games and online sports betting, Intralot, has just revealed its 2018 financial results. Company’s chief executive Antonios Kerastaris has told the casino and gambling news reporters that first quarter of 2018 showed stronger sales, rooted in successful upgrade of their digital lottery sector. Being so firmly grounded in the US lottery sphere, he believes that the company has all the chances of smooth expanse to ever increasing race and sports betting market. Trying to highlight these opportunities, he also promised to seize the annual GGR of up to 20 million Euro, in addition to new lottery projects in the State of Illinois.
Some concrete numbers were also disclosed. Thus, Q1 revenues were ay 327,8 million US dollars, constituting an 4,3 percent increase over the same quarter results last year. Sports betting was the main reason behind increase in gross revenue. According to Gambers Pos, its percentage was at 58.9 percent. Lotteries came second with 29.7% and technology contract were at 6.2%. Video lotteries and betting on horse racing were the last factors, ending up at 2.8% and 2.4% respectively. Adjusted EBITDA ratings rose by 7.5% and net income found itself at 1.6% increase.
Intralot was very busy expanding into new territories and market in this quarter, Gambers Post says. Reaching extension deal with the Illinois authorities allowed the company to introduce its technology to nearly 8000 locations all across this state. Same sort of infrastructure development is planned in Wyoming, where, after a short period of bureaucratic hassle, a similar deal was agreed in this February. Intralot plans on exploiting all possible Internet gambling opportunities in these states and beyond, hoping to become a very recognizable and trustworthy brand. Recognizing that brick and mortar casinos no longer suitable to modern mobile and hyper-active youth generation, top management of this company is employing variety of research and development tools to modernize itself and its business practices.

“Fortnite” developers pledge 100 million dollars to a professional season

The days when poker or similar classic card games were the only ones to have professional tournaments with real cash prizes are long gone. Today, various competitive computer games have their own tournaments, with people from a lot of countries participating. Epic Games, developers of one of the most popular “Battle Royale” genre games on the modern market, have pledged 100 million US dollars to the prize pool of their game’s first professional season. Unlike its direct competitor “Playerunknowns’ Battlegrounds”, “Fortnite” did not yet won any global gaming awards or broke sales records but has amassed a big fan following among under-25 gamers. It practically occupied popular streaming service Twitch this May, with 77% of streams being about this game.
With such background, it is no wonder that developer decided to capitalize on this moment and found a way to fund a prize pool no other game has. Even Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 tournaments, sponsored by many tech companies, have lesser bonus play now prizes. Since so many people now treat this game as a genuine sports event, how much time we have left until best sports betting sites start to accept bets on outcomes of such tournaments? Gambers Post thinks not too much time since there is no need to pay people to attend these events as viewers, like some poker organizers are forced to do. And some underground online gambling for real money is probably already happening.
One possible barrier to a complete merge of e-sports with gambling industry is the presence of underage players on these tournaments. While sometimes they get parents permission to participate, like one of most famous 13-year-old gamers Kyle Jackson did, such practice could adversely affect responsibility in gaming points of any respectable wagering establishment. Gambers Post recommends keeping a cool head and approach this booming type of daily fantasy sports with caution. Europe gambling news won’t pity you if you don’t.

The most gambling-friendly country in the world

Countries, cultures, and people in general, differ in their attitudes to gambling. While religious factors often play the most important role in this matter, sometimes ruling elites and governments can turn the tide in either direction. In Finland, otherwise typical northern social-democratic European country, gambling flourishes unconstrained, both as industry and as a national pastime. Which is not the case for its Scandinavian neighbors! How did this happen? Gambers Post knows the answer.
Thing is, cooperation between sports betting entrepreneurs, athletes and authorities began during the Winter War against the Soviet Union. Originally intended to diminish communist influence on sportsmen from working class, different forms of gambling were founded to help fund the war effort. State authorities kept monopolies on race and sports betting even after 40’s ended, thus they controlled all related casino and gambling news, keeping average opinions of their population towards wagering in neutral and favorable range. In contrast with this, social casinos in Sweden and Norway were mostly privately owned, and thus suffered from unfavorable casino news in print media and on television.
While most of Europe waited until the late 80’s to seek additional revenues to their state budgets from poker, lotteries, and casino slot machines, post-war Finland always had all manner of these available in majority of common stores, malls, cafes and even post offices and hospitals. Local lottery brand Lotto has gained worldwide fame long before the appearance of online casino games, offering its services on all continents. This is why a nation, accustomed to having free casino slot games almost everywhere, is still going against modern puritanical trends, which are so pervasive in similar post-Protestant cultures. In comparison to Britain, where a lot of politicians constantly lobby against gambling industry, Finland remains a safe haven for casual players and high rollers alike. Gambers Post, the place of your daily online gambling news and latest casino news, confirms that this is indeed so!